A students Blockchain Project

The FAMILYtoken ICO is

Normally, behind an ICO, there is always a company, a novel project, a web page or an exchange ….

They use the ICO as a form of quick financing to carry out their project and in some cases they do well, but in others, the project does not come out and is forgotten. FAMILYTOKENS does not intend to finance itself to create any project. We seek to put in the hands of our students a payment system based on Blockchain technology to familiarize them with this world.

The sale ratio is
100000 tokens per Ethereum
so with a small purchase of 0.01 eth you will receive 1000 tokens.

As you can see, we want to receive payments of maximum 1 ETH to avoid that someone accumulates a large amount of tokens. 

We have prepared a token change if we exceed our expectations.

The ICO will distribute ALL the tokens.

Nobody will stay a large amount. The million reserved tokens will be delivered to the families that need our help the most.


In this way, by collaborating with our ICO, you not only buy a token that can be revalued for your benefit, but also help improve the lives of our students

Make your purchase to this wallet and fill out this form. You will receive an email confirming your purchase and, upon completion of the ICO, you will receive your tokens.


It’s not the classic ICO



In 2017, a group of students proposed to their teachers the realization of a new educational project. 
They wanted to learn about the world of Bitcoin, the tokens, the blockchain … 
that they had heard so much on the internet.
I, as a teacher, knew absolutely nothing about that world, so I had to spend a few weeks informing me.
At the end, with the help of another teacher and a group of 8 students between 15 and 17 years old, 
we decided to start this project. 
We call it FAMILYtokens since we want it to be something aimed at our students and their families. 
We have understood the enormous potential that these projects have and that, like it or not, will be something that will live with us forever.
The entire project was developed by the students and they themselves are creating the web, managing the airdrops, responding to the queries we are receiving and doing everything necessary to make this project happen.


Our first objective is basically educational. We want to teach our students to live with the world of cryptocurrencies.

We all know that, since the appearance of Bitcoin, a new form of economy has come to stay.

We do not know how it will affect their future or even if they will exist within a few years but, in any case, it is something that we believe they have to learn.


Only In the United States there are more than 50 million students every year.

In very few schools, cryptocurrencies are taught and only older children are taught.

We want to reach all those students who already use smartphones and thus be able to familiarize them with wallets, tokens, exchanges and everything related to this new world.

The final reason for the creation of the project is educational, there is no profit motive although it is necessary to receive donations to cover the expenses of the start-up of the project.



1.   This first version of the web was quickly created to make our project known. As you can see, the design is very simple and minimalist, but we are working on a new website.

2.   In a few days we will launch the airdrop to start distributing the tokens. We are analyzing how many tokens are to be distributed and how many people. We want to avoid token hunters who use fake accounts.
3.   Once all the tokens are distributed, we will publish the new website, with more information. This website can be used by anyone who wishes to join our project
4. After talks with interested companies, the price of the token may be stipulated for use.
5. Some computer students are working on a mobile app that will manage the wallet and transactions.
The first version of this App will be limited to managing the Wallet.
6. If all goes well, the project will be finished and the results will be able to begin to be seen.
7. OUR DREAM: FAMILYtoken is already a currency of normal use in the student world and their families …


MYFAMILYTOKENS are a group of 2 teachers and 8 students between 15 and 17 years old. 
Due to their age, we can not disclose the identity of the team due to the express condition of the parents at the time of proposing the start of this project.
As you can see on the website, it is not as professional as other projects since the design of this website is 100% done by our students. They learn as they build it, we hope it will be to your liking.
The guys work on the project sometimes in class, where the website is prepared and they are informed of all the necessary steps for this project and 2 of them are dedicated to reviewing this and future airdrops and making the transfers of the tokens .
The teachers guide them in their ideas and we take care of everything that adult staff must do, such as buying domain and internet hosting or the creation of tokens.

The FAMILYtokens section

We are a group of students and school teachers. The boys are between 15 and 17 years old

We have 2 objectives:
Let our kids learn and become familiar with the Blockchain world and the cryptocurrency.
To obtain resources for, in addition to paying the cost of implementing this project, to improve the facilities and services of participating schools.

There is no fixed amount. By the time the ICO is closed, as many tokens as necessary will be generated to:

deliver to all those who participated in the ICO in a proportion of 1000 tokens per 0.01 ETH. We would like interested people to limit themselves to buying small quantities since we do not want our tokens to be in the hands of a few people. We prefer 100 purchases of 0.01 eth than a purchase of 1 eth. In addition, this would harm the project.

Deliver to each school or educational center or local leisure that requests it, a wallet with a proportion of 700 tokens per student / client.
In this way, those who have participated in the ICO with 0.01 Eth, will benefit from a 30% bonus.

Send the new tokens to all Holders who participated in our 2 airdrops, around 1000 people.

We have been surprised by the good acceptance that this project has had, especially in the school environment. In addition, some businesses near the schools have also become interested in FAMILYtokens.

We also want to thank several people who, through our group of Telegram and Twitter, have offered to help us with the creation of smart contracts that have made it easier for us to work. Surely, without them, we would have had to abandon this project.

If you live outside of the USA, at first they may not be useful for anything other than trading with them in a house of exchange (something we have yet to study).
If you live in the USA, it is likely that your children’s school, or the cinema, or the store, or the bookstore … will soon use our tokens to make small payments. We believe that it is best to save them while working on their implementation.

Education about the world of cryptocurrencies for our children.
Improve facilities, services or activities in our schools.
In some way, this project is a mixture of ICO with a CROWFOUNDING that is why we believe that people who are involved in this world will have no problem in helping us since, if the project goes well, they can also benefit.

A new phase will begin: Inform to convince other schools or businesses to use our tokens. Create Documents and Wallets to deliver to the interested parties. Make meetings to explain how to buy, sell or send tokens from one wallet to another.

… and maybe, someone can help us to create an app that helps do all this. But that is already talking about the future.